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Fast – Faster – DICOMReader 5.0

We are proud to announce that our DICOMReader has again set a new milestone in medical image importing capabilities from portable data media.
The new release of DICOMReader 5.0 is not only up to 9 times faster than its predecessor. It is also capable of reading and processing ALL 119 modalities defined in the DICOM standard. (Support for 40 new SOP classes now included!) With these new functionalities, DICOMReader strengthens its position as a market leader by continuing to offer the highest read-in rate worldwide regarding medical images.

Here are some of the incredible new features DICOMReader 5.0 has to offer:

  • Support for all 119 modalities defined in the DICOM Standard
  • Support for 27 out of 33 transfer syntaxes (normal PACS usually support less than 5!)
  • Improved logging feature, now with rolling log (min vs. max size)

To get more information about this recently released version, please review the latest DICOMReader brochure here.

If you would like to explore DICOMReader 5.0 right away, visit Download Center and download your free 30-day trial version.



28 June 2011
DICOMReader 4.0.3 Patch - What's new?

To overcome a few hitches with the current DICOMReader and to enhance its functionality, we have developed a patch version. The main improvements that you will notice are:

  • Fixed: Crash in DICOM core when Instance UID is longer than 64 digits (actually a DICOM violation)
  • Fixed: Modified transfer list - now possible to send media to multiple destinations
  • Updated: Set of DICOM attributes in query layout now contains StudyDate and StudyTime

Please continue using FORUM to inform us of any bugs and requests or suggestions for new features for any of our products. Your feedback is very important to us.

28 June 2010
Out now: DICOMReader 4.0.1

Not long ago, we introduced our new DICOMReader 4.0. Meanwhile, our developers have created an update to incorporate DICOM Supplement 142. The improved DICOMReader 4.0.1 now offers the following new features which will enhance your workflow even more:

  • Extension of anonymization profile
    - patient and study information can be manually amended
    - configuration of used/modified attributes
  • Alteration of study date and time (also for PACS and worklist queries)

If you have purchased an Annual Service and Support package together with your current DICOMReader 4.0, you will of course receive the update to the 4.0.1 version for free. Download your free trial version of DICOMReader 4.0.1 here!

DICOMReader 4.0.1
09 February 2010
DICOMReader 4 – out now!

Continuous improvement is always on top of our agenda, so it comes as no surprise that we have enhanced yet another product. DICOMReader 4, which is now available, comprises all familiar features from the previous version, with several significant additions. Numerous new features simplify the handling of patient CDs even more, for example:

  • Enhanced workflow windows with improved layout and functionalities
    Now you can choose from different modification levels (patient or study level) and you can assign the same accession number to all studies of a particular patient.
  • Database to store media imports
    The new version stores the history of media that has been imported and sent at any point in the past.
  • USB Media Detection (memory stick, hard disk etc.)
    USB media is automatically detected and scanned for previous images, which are then converted (if necessary) and processed.
  • Multi-Language user interface
    German, English and Spanish are now available; other languages in preparation.
  • Full Windows Vista and Windows 7 support
    Ready for the new generation of operating systems.
  • Specific character set support for all DICOM defined localizations
    In addition to Western European languages, characters from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Eastern European languages as well as Unicode are now supported.
Just like its predecessor, DICOMReader 4 achieves the highest world-wide read-in rate of medical CDs into any PACS. The DICOMReader is a powerful tool that has received praise for its user-friendliness, data integrity and security.

Download your free trial version of DICOMReader 4.0 here!

27 November 2009